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Welcome to the “Bloody Old Men” Tribe of Alliances. Members are encouraged, but not required, to contribute as much as possible to Alliance activities / projects such as by donating resources to “Research”, “Skills”, construction of “Buildings”, as well as by sharing “Trade Info”, providing “Support”, partici-pating in “Rally Attacks” (joint attacks by multiple Captains on a single target) and group raids on other Alliances, as well as “Checking In” each day (which is rewarded with free resources and items). Our only requirement is that you show some sign of activity at least every few days (basically, when an adm-in looks at your entry on the “Alliance Members” screen, they see that you've logged in recently).

Individual Alliance Leaders may send you a Message that goes into more detail on how their particular Alliance works.

Best Regards,
Captain Thomasi
Founder/Leader G65 Tribe of Alliances

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