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ToW, as a Disney branded property, has a “bad words” filter, ostensibly designed to prevent people from using vulgar language in game. As is near universally the case, it doesn't do anything to actually prevent people from doing so, and in this particular instance, the filter is implemented in an extraordinarily brain dead fashion that works inconsistently between the two different in game communication mechanisms (“Chat” and “Messaging/Notices”), uses a combination of English and non-English “words”, is not case sensitive in Chat (except in the rare cases when it is), is case sensitive in Messages, censors words that contain “bad” words as part of them, etc. Members follow different strategies to avoid triggering it, inserting spaces, using capital letters, inserting periods, etc. This page uses hyphens to break up problematic strings, and this is typical practice for members of our Alliances.

Censored Word List

The following is a list of words we've identified as triggering the censor filter. This is not that much of a problem in Chat, as the word is merely replaced by an asterisk (*), but when sending a Message (or a Notice, which can also be sent to members as a Message), the filter simply blocks your ability to send the message without specifically identifying the problematic word(s). This list is not exhaustive, but the following words, in our experience, are those most likely to trigger the filter when when attempting to send Messages or Notices.

scoo-ter c o o t e r
pri-ckly p r i c k
ho-ard h o a r
du-mb d u m b
incl-ude c l u d
but-ton b u t t
con-grats n g r (also an-gry, for example)
partici-pate c i p a
repu-tation p u t a
clut-ter c l u t t e
mor-ale o r a l
bit-ter b i t t e
dil-do d i l d o
se-x s e x
se-xual s e x u al
bi-sexual b i s e x u a l
ga-y g a y
les-bian l e s b i a n
qu-eer q u e e r
as-s a s s
da-mn d a m n
b-um b u m
fu-ck f u c k
Fu-ckin F u c k i n (1)
ad-min (2)\\

Notes: (1) only instance of capital letter word being censored in Chat that we've identified; (2) only in Messages/Notices

Message / Notices Specific Issues

Unlike Chat, the filter in Messages/Notices is not case sensitive, so use of capital letters is not a work around. Also, brackets are banned in messages, but not chat; that's caused us some grief.


The best way to deal with this is to have a second Captain (the in game term for one of these is “an alt”) available that you can send test messages to. Break your message down into individual paragraphs, send them to your alt one at a time until a paragraph triggers the filter, then one sentence at a time, and one word at a time. Eventually the source of the problem will become apparent.

Copy and paste of censor approved, pre-written copy from an external Notes app is your friend.

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