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A long, long, very gosh darned long time ago in a galaxy far, far, very gosh danged far away, I registered this domain on August 31st, 1995, while running Web Communciations, LLC, the world's first self-service web hosting company, founded in May of 1994 by myself and Chris Schefler (RIP). Since then, it has undergone a host of incarnations, but for the moment, it is basically my web playground. We used the background image on this page ("Rising Earth") as part of our original company logo.

Space Propulsion

All sorts of very interesting things going on these days: Harold White, principle investigator at NASA on the EmDrive has joined the Limitless Space Institute to continue his research on the quantum vacuum, and Jim Woodward, has landed $750k from NASA for his MEGA (Mach Effect Gravity Assist) drive, that operates on another theory derived from General Relativity rather than quantuum mechanics.

NASA's EmDrive Leader Has a New Interstellar Project - "Harold White left NASA in December to join a new nonprofit focused on building the technologies to bring humans to the outer solar system and beyond."

While whether the EmDrive or MEGA drive actually works has yet to be proven (we should see soon), graphene powered energy harvesting from Brownian motion is indisputably real: Physicists build circuit that generates clean, limitless power from graphene, and has the potential to be an essentially limitless power source for ion drives. I.e. a workable interstellar propulsion drive.

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